Business Networks and WiFi

If your business relies on consumer-grade networking equipment, you may be taking a significant risk, especially if you are subject to HIPAA or PCI compliance. Consumer-grade equipment is prone to security vulnerabilities and is not designed for high availability. Rootwork has been specifying, installing, and configuring affordable, reliable, business-class networks in Central Florida since 2014.

Business Network + WiFi: Base Package

Our basic network package is simple and affordable, yet provides much better security, reliability, and performance than consumer-grade wireless routers or the built-in WiFi provided by your Internet service provider.

Note: your internet service provider may be providing WiFi access to the general public through the Internet gateway on your premises, potentially compromising your network’s performance and security.

High Availability Business Network + WiFi

What are the consequences for your business if the Internet is unavailable for an hour? A day? How many billable hours will be lost? How many prospective customers will you miss? How many existing customers will be upset when they can’t reach you? Rootwork can configure multiple Internet connections and automatically switch to the backup if the primary fails. We install redundant routers, switches, and access points to eliminate any single point of failure.

Add-On: Remote-Access VPN

Rootwork can configure secure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to allow remote employees to safely access internal network resources, such as a QuickBooks server or a file share, over the Internet. A remote access VPN can allow employees to authenticate against your on-site Active Directory domain when working remote and logging into their laptops, which greatly simplifies endpoint management.

Add-On: Site-Site VPN

If your business has multiple locations, such as an office and one or more data centers, we can configure a site-site VPN to allow systems at different sites to communicate as if they were on the same network. Site-site VPNs are often set up between branch offices or remote data centers.

Add-On: WiFi Authentication

WiFi can be a major source of security threats and liability if you don’t have some level of control over who’s accessing it. If your guest WiFi is not secured, it could be exploited for criminal activities including financial fraud, malicious hacking, and even transmitting child pornography-all traceable back to your IP address. Rootwork can configure your WiFi to require users to log in with an account from Active Directory or a single-sign-on (SSO) identity provider. Guests can be required to log in with a Google or Facebook account.

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