Virtual CTO/CIO/CISO Services

Does your organization need a highly capable technology executive from time to time, but not enough to justify the cost of a full-time hire? Consider hiring Rootwork to act as a “virtual executive” to provide the leadership that your organization needs–on your schedule and budget. We offer services based on a monthly retainer, hourly billing, or pre-project fixed-price billing, depending on the needs of the client and the project. Feel free to contact us or request a free case study to see how Rootwork can help your organization.

Michael Soule

Michael Soule
Michael Soule

Mike started as a software engineer and worked his way up to Technology Director at EZYield, a web services company in the travel industry. He grew the technology team from two developers to five teams of engineers in the US, Australia and India, helping to lead the company to over $20 million in annual revenue. Mike also took the company through the process of PCI compliance. EZYield was purchased by TravelClick in 2011, which was later acquired by an investment firm for over $900 million. Most recently, Mike was the Chief Technology Officer for an insurance claims software company with clients and staff in over 30 states, and lead the company’s technology team through HIPAA compliance. Since 2014, Mike has served as a Principal Consultant with Rootwork and worked with businesses ranging from one-person startups to Global 500 corporations.

Dr. Craig Finch, Ph.D.

Craig Finch
Dr. Craig Finch

Craig started his career as an electrical engineer in the wireless communication sector. He later obtained his PhD in Modeling & Simulation, applying mathematical models and high-performance computing resources to solve practical engineering problems. Craig managed the STOKES compute cluster at the University of Central Florida before co-founding Rootwork in 2014. Since then, Craig has applied his engineering skills in a different sector, designing secure, reliable information systems and analyzing data sets for clients.

Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) ensures that an organization’s information technology meets the needs of the business (or non-profit). The CTO’s responsibility ranges from keeping the phones and WiFi working to planning the architecture of web applications. A virtual CTO can also help with hiring and managing IT staff, creating a strategic plan, writing grants and reports, and ensuring that systems are secure, reliable, and compliant.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) ensures that your organization is making the best possible use of its data. The CIO identifies data sets and works with business leaders to use that data to benefit the company. Possible projects include analyzing sales and customer data to improve advertising and marketing, analyzing usage data to identify security threats, and auditing critical data for consistency and accuracy.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for keeping your organization’s information safe from unauthorized access and exploitation. The CISO conducts regular risk assessments, which are used to identify valuable assets and select appropriate controls to protect those assets. The CISO works closely with the Compliance Officer to ensure that controls meet compliance requirements, such as PCI or HIPAA. The CISO also works with the CTO and CIO to select a compliance framework such as COBIT or ISO 27001.

While compliance and security are built into every Rootwork project, we recognize that we can’t know everything about everything. We partner with Immersion Security to provide additional expertise in compliance, penetration testing, and digital forensics.

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