What does Rootwork do?

At Rootwork, we want to improve the profitability of your business (we are also happy to work with non-profits). We want you to get a return on the money you invest in our services. Rootwork can help your business in three fundamental ways:

1. Revenue

Rootwork can help your business grow by:

2. Cost Savings

Rootwork can save your company money by:

  • Automating processes that are currently performed manually
  • Implementing analytics to support better decision-making
  • Minimizing software licensing fees with open-source software
  • Reducing hardware costs and helping you negotiate better prices with IT vendors

3. Risk Mitigation

Rootwork can reduce IT-related risks by:

  • Implementing redundant systems that eliminate single points of failure
  • Setting up and automating data backups
  • Designing multi-site and cloud-based architectures
  • Ensuring compliance with standards such as HIPAA and PCI