These projects demonstrate how Rootwork has added value to multiple businesses:

  • Data Validation
    • Rootwork created a data validation tool for a high-growth startup company in the health care industry. The tool analyzes data imported from company’s clients,  compares the imported data to data obtained from the company’s API, and compiles reports. The validation tool was instrumental in smoothly on-boarding several large, high-value clients.
  • API Design
    • Rootwork was engaged for a multi-year effort to design a RESTful JSON API to access every aspect of the organization’s data. The API uses state-of-the-art role-based access control (RBAC) and JSON web tokens.
  • FIPS/FISMA-Compliant Information System
    • Rootwork built a FISMA-compliant information system for a Global 500 company. The company obtained their first federal contract, and making their extensive corporate systems comply with FISMA would have been prohibitively expensive. Rootwork built a self-contained “air gap” system and generated all required policies and operating procedures, which allowed the company to fulfill the contract.
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
    • Rootwork manages a HIPAA-compliant multi-data-center virtualized infrastructure for a corporate client. The infrastructure features near-synchronous replication across data centers to support a custom web application with extremely high availability. The infrastructure is fully redundant and monitored.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Infrastructure management
    • Rootwork manages a cloud-based infrastructure for another client. Rootwork engineered a seamless transition from Amazon Web Services to GCP for compliance reasons and designed custom tooling to automate infrastructure management. The GCP infrastructure has facilitated the company’s rapid growth.