Ubiquiti EdgeRouter & UniFi Configuration

Rootwork has been installing and configuring Ubiquiti* EdgeMax and UniFi networking equipment in a variety of advanced configurations since 2014. We can get your Ubiquiti system up and running quickly, securely, and reliably.

Remote-Access VPN

Rootwork can configure secure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to allow remote employees to safely access internal network resources, such as a QuickBooks server or a file share, over the Internet. Users can authenticate against your on-site Active Directory domain when logging into remote workstations, which greatly simplifies endpoint management. We use OpenVPN with a certificate management system for maximum security and reliability.

Site-Site VPN

If your business has multiple locations, such as an office and one or more data centers, we can configure a site-to-site VPN to allow systems at different sites to communicate as if they were on the same network. We can make high-availability site-to-site VPNs with dual ISPs and clustered EdgeRouters.

High-Availability EdgeRouter Clusters

While the EdgeRouter is highly reliable (we haven’t had a failure in 4 years), the router is a single point of failure in a network. Fortunately, the EdgeRouter supports a high-availability configuration.  A cluster can be formed with two or more EdgeRouters using the VRRP protocol. Should the primary router fail, a secondary router will automatically take over.

Multiple WANs/ISPs with Failover

A cut cable or a local power outage can bring down your entire office. What are the consequences for your business if the Internet is unavailable for an hour? A day? How many billable hours will be lost? How many prospective customers will you miss? How many existing customers will be upset when they can’t reach you? Rootwork can configure the EdgeRouter to automatically switch to a secondary ISP, such as a Cradlepoint* ARC, if the primary Internet connection fails.

UniFi Wireless Access Points

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Wireless Access Points (WAPs) provide enterprise features at a value price. We can configure multiple access points with seamless roaming so that users have continuous WiFi coverage across your entire workspace. The access points are centrally managed, and we can enforce authentication for both known users and guests.

Switch Stacks

While the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch and UniFi Switch provide some surprising capabilities at an amazing price point, they aren’t suitable for “core switch” duties because they do not support stacking for high availability. We prefer stackable enterprise switches from Netgear* for high availability situations where cost is important.


Rootwork can provide a firm fixed-price quote if we have detailed project requirements and we are allowed to specify or pre-approve all equipment that will be used in the project. We will have to bill hourly if there are significant unknowns, such as incorporating legacy equipment into the system. We can supply the hardware at cost, or you can purchase it through your usual channels.

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* Rootwork is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ubiquiti, Netgear, or Cradlepoint.