Linux Storage Management


A high-level reference for intermediate to advanced Linux system admins who work with block storage devices, including logical volume management (LVM) and LUKS encryption.


Linux has powerful tools for managing block storage devices. Unfortunately, the tools are mostly documented in man pages, which are useful as a detailed reference for experienced users. This guide is intended as a high-level reference for system administrators with moderate to advanced Linux skills. It will help you create and manage logical volumes, block devices, and LUKS encrypted storage. Commands included:

  • lsblk
  • df
  • blkid
  • blockdev
  • fdisk
  • parted
  • pvdisplay, pvcreate, pvextend
  • lvdisplay, lvcreate, lvextend
  • vgdisplay, vgcreate, vgextend
  • cryptsetup


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